Your Spine…or, 24 pearls…

  • Your spine has 24 bones, plus the sacrum and tailbones.
  • Each bone/vertebra has at least 6 articular surfaces – meaning, parts that create joints with other bones.
  • Each joint has cushioning, musculature, and ligaments that work 24/7 to allow and control (stabilize) movement of the spine.
  • Our main central nerve – the spinal cord – runs through the spine from the brain to the bottom.
  • The actions of all these living bones, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage allow controlled spinal movements and protect the spinal cord.

The spine is a gift, a priceless treasure, of amazing architectural integrity!   Pilates’ exercises strengthen and limber all these muscles and bones, bring nourishing fluid into the cushioning between them, and integrate the dynamics of movement with the effects of gravity.  Pilates exercises also coordinate fluidity in movements, and balance.  They take the ‘edge’ off of our movements which can – in turn – prevent painful spasms.

I like to imagine my spine as a string of – very large and expensive – glistening pearls, each tied off with a silk knot.  With an image in my mind of this long string of pearls articulating gently down onto a mahogany tabletop, one at a time, I can almost feel the space between each pearl in my spine.  I can appreciate the glistening beauty of each, and their glowing perfection of form.  I can feel the rest of my body relax into trust, as all the intrinsic muscles of the spine and torso awaken and support my movements.

Support your active lifestyle with your spine’s integrity.  Try Pilates’ exercises!

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