With our bodies we play, love, work, and experience our world.  Nurturing and caring for the body is caring for the Self, and heals us in many ways – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy relieves stress, improving your health and well-being while nurturing your body and spirit. As restorative healing therapy or a luxurious indulgence, massage has no equal.  Some traditional benefits of massage therapy include:

  • renewed energy
  • relaxation of stiff and sore muscles
  • relief from joint aches and pains
  • increased range of movement
  • improved circulation

Therapeutic massage also perfectly compliments your health and fitness program.  Additional health benefits of massage are:

  • faster recovery time
  • improved performance
  • injury prevention
  • more efficient growth of new bone, muscle, and nerve tissues

Recovery Massage

During challenging life events and around everyday stress, before and after surgery and other medical procedures, therapeutic touch facilitates mental, spiritual, and physical healing.  This brings integration and reflection.  Guided imagery and restorative meditation techniques are available during your massage.

Seasonal Massage

Welcome the seasons of change with therapeutic massage!

  • Winter – brings a chill and our bodies tend to contract and muscles tighten up! We offer you the coziest blankets, heating pads and nurturing oils for a deep-into-your-bones kind of warmth and relaxation, and glowing, healthy skin.
  • Spring – a season of rebirth and great time for renewal using exfoliation, cooling creams and light fragrances. Open to the season of creation!
  • Fall – when we need to bring ourselves home, and assess and deepen our sense of self, nurturing therapeutic touch can help bring you back to the moment. Enjoy the richness of your life!

Mother Massage

Click here to learn about Mother Massage


Aromatherapy uses the healing properties of essential oils of herbs, fruits, and flowers to enhance health, and is integral in our plan to bring you the finest care.  All our lotions and oils contain these essences, and blends are created to evoke a therapeutic response.  Relaxing, uplifting, or stimulating oils will be used during your massage to enhance your massage experience.

Gift Certificates

As restorative healing therapy or as a luxurious indulgence, the gift of massage has no equal – no other says, “I care for you,” as perfectly as the Gift of Touch. Our custom Gift Certificates make a beautiful presentation, wonderful for new moms, family members, your favorite athletes or a close friend.  Whoever you choose to gift, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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