Our bodies are organs, muscles, joints, and bones, but they are also much more! We were designed and created to work hard and play hard. We built the pyramids!

Physical fitness allows you greater enjoyment of your world, and in some cases, can actually reverse the aging process.  Often, physical pain is caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

“Movement is the other bodywork!”

Exercise reduces stress, lowers high blood pressure, strengthens immune, cardiopulmonary, neurological, hormonal, and all systems in the body. Pilates specifically enhances all training, helps prevent injury, and Pilates’ principles of coordination and control are applied in all sessions.

You may use free weights, body weight, and other equipment. I have studied with Juan Carlos Santana, Gary Gray, and others including many wonderful Pilates teachers. Developed using functional criteria while incorporating what I learned of anatomy and physiology during two years of massage school, your individualized program will meet your health and fitness needs!

I know you can succeed! Whether you are training for athletic events, injury prevention, to feel stronger and have more energy, or to keep up with your children or grandchildren, I have the knowledge, the motivation, and the desire to help you reach your goals!

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    Tracy Bloom, LMT
    Fairfield, CT

    Tracy Bloom is a New York and Connecticut licensed massage therapist, Authentic Pilates instructor, and ACE certified personal trainer. Bloom Massage and Fitness provides massage and training services in your Fairfield County home, or in our convenient studio.

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