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Weight Loss!

I have recently discovered – through a client – the amazing benefits of Hayley Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet!   *Thanks Audrey!* This Pilates’ Teacher has lost 35 pounds on this dynamic and highly nutritious plan, and I can eat healthy for the rest … Continue reading

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“Pilates’” in the Parking Lot, or Pilates for Rowers

I have written this essay to share some of the fun I’ve had teaching, and how Pilates can be effectively taught under less than ideal conditions, when neccessary. For many years, during the spring and fall training seasons, I taught … Continue reading

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Pilates for Athletes …or, injury prevention through Pilates!

Imagine being tumbled by a big wave, and rolled, pushed and pulled by the power of the ocean.  Flexible ligaments, tendons, and muscles lengthen and shorten, but are less likely to tear.  A strong and flexible spine will twist and … Continue reading

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